Taking 100 Every Month in a new direction

Like many people, I started this blog with good intentions and expected to be keeping it up to date at least once per month.

As always, things change, things get in the way and some of the things we plan just don’t work out.

Earlier this year I had a large medical payment to make, and have recently made another large medical payment, both using credit, while my priority has been to pay those off instead of investing.

During the year, I’ve learned more about investing and about what my focuses should be. Particularly as I previously was buying lots of individual stocks and very few ETFs.

I have also recently managed to increase my salary by another 42% this year, which certainly helps, allowing me to double my pension contributions and giving me another £500/month which can go straight into my ISA.

I’m intending to take this blog in a new direction, and now instead of simply investing £100/month into lazily-picked shares, I will instead be putting up to £100/month into several different buckets of investments, showing the return from those.

In cases where I can only buy one whole share (as with the UK market) but that share price is above £100, I will work this out to come under £1,200/year over the whole year.

So, to unveil my new monthly investment portfolio(s);

100 EM Core:

  1. Vanguard FTSE All World – VWRL
  2. Vanguard S&P 500 – VUSA

Additional possible investments:

100 EM Clean:

  1. iShares Global Clean Energy – INRG
  2. iShares Global Clean Water – IH2O

100 EM Future:

  1. Global Blockchain – BCHS
  2. iShares Robotics – RBTX

100 EM Global

  1. iShares MSCI World – IWDG
  2. iShares Momentum Factor – IWFM
  3. iShares MSCI World Quality – IWFQ
  4. iShares MSCI EM – EMIM

100 EM Technology

  1. iShares Digitalisation – DGIT
  2. iShares Nasdaq 100 – CNX1

100 EM Small

  1. BlackRock Smaller Companies – BRSC
  2. iShares USA Momentum – IUMF

100 EM Crypto

  1. Various cryptocurrencies with a focus on ETH and MATIC

100 EM Strategy

  1. Individual shares picked using investment strategy tools such as OUTPRFRM and TYKR

Ready, set…

For the sake of consistency and ease of tracking, I will be re-starting my journey here from January 2022. In the meantime I will be publishing more details about investing in general and about FI/RE, which is something I’ve been very interested in for a while.

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