Month 7: 0.19% down, £1800 invested

It’s the end of July, seven months through my new journey, and I’m only down by 0.19%.

That’s during a pandemic, war, cost of living crisis and likely at the start of a recession.

Considering everything, that’s probably not too bad.

This month I’ve put another £300 in, split in to three separate £100 buckets of investments.

My Clean portfolio is doing best, as investment is poured in to companies operating in the clean energy and water industries, while my Future portfolio, which invests in robotics and blockchain oriented companies, is as you would expect doing the worst.

About my investments:

Every month I use Freetrade to invest £100 into each of several buckets of investments. If you’re a new customer and are referred to them (you can join here), you’ll also get a free, random share in a company or other fund, worth between £3 and £200.

Portfolio so far

100 EM Core

I added another £100 into this bucket of investments, buying two shares of VUSA.

By the end of the month we’re actually up with a profit of £9.37, the first time we’ve had a positive return in a while.

100 EM Clean

I bought 2 shares of Global Clean Energy and 1 of Global Clean Water, luckily just a day before Clean Energy (INRG) had a big rise in price, likely spurred on by the results of the war impacting non-renewables. Clean Water is still down, but has also been trending upwards recently.

100 EM Future

This month I added 13 shares of RBTX, and still none of BCHS. I may start buying more BCHS from next month if the situation with cryptocurrencies looks to be settling.

Happening Recently

  • I launched a new content-focused side business three weeks ago which is starting to get indexed in Google and is bringing in some impressions, but it is probably 6 months from bringing in any revenue.

Upcoming Changes

  • Ongoing from last month: I may look at altering the VS FTSE100 comparison for my charts, as I don’t think the FTSE100 return is completely accurate as a comparison here.
    • Or, I may look at changing the comparison to something else.
  • Ongoing from last month: I may look into getting details about my pension on here, so that I can also track that. I think that may be a little more difficult as I don’t have manual control over that, so it may be a little less accurate than my ISA portfolio.
  • Postponed from last month: Next month I will be opening up 100 EM Global, a new bucket of investments that will focus on ETFs that invest in global companies that have good and strong growth prospects.
  • Ongoing from last month: Just in the short term, I may slow down some of my investments so that I don’t open up any new investments while I aim to pay off debts at a faster rate (I will continue to invest £100/month into each of the above, however). Doing this will decrease my credit utilisation which should benefit me when I can use my LISA towards a deposit for a house.
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