Month 8: 1.4% up, £2100 invested

At the end of August I’m up 1.4% overall, with my Clean portfolio outperforming the others as you might expect during an energy crisis and droughts.

I spotted that I had an error last month – noting that I actually bought 2 shares of Global Clean Water when I only logged purchasing 1 share, which put the figures at a loss until I recently updated it.

This month we’re doing the same as normal, with £300 split into £100 across three buckets of investments. I am aiming to increase this to add in another group of investments early next year.

About my investments:

Every month I use Freetrade to invest £100 into each of several buckets of investments. If you’re a new customer and are referred to them (you can join here), you’ll also get a free, random share in a company or other fund, worth between £3 and £200.

Portfolio so far

100 EM Core

I added another £100 into this bucket of investments, buying a share of the S&P 500. This leaves me with almost £57 in cash which will roll over into next month’s investment.

100 EM Clean

4 shares of Global Clean Energy and 1 of Global Clean water entered my portfolio this month, and I corrected a tracking issue I had with last month’s update for Global Clean Water. This bucket of investments is performing really well, even if mostly driven by Energy – almost definitely due to the current energy crisis due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

100 EM Future

This month I added 5 shares of RBTX, and just 1 of BCHS. I don’t often buy BCHS these days due to the crypto market being far down, but am starting to buy this again as I feel like the drop is consolidating and – at some point – is likely to trend upwards again.

Happening Recently

  • My recently-launched content site is getting indexed in Google, with around 20 of the ~35 pages now indexed and pulling in an average of ~5-6 clicks per week. I expect it to see exponential growth over the next year but it will still likely be 6 months before it starts to make any revenue.

Upcoming Changes

  • Ongoing from last month: I may look at altering the VS FTSE100 comparison for my charts, as I don’t think the FTSE100 return is completely accurate as a comparison here.
    • Or, I may look at changing the comparison to something else.
  • Ongoing from last month: I may look into getting details about my pension on here, so that I can also track that. I think that may be a little more difficult as I don’t have manual control over that, so it may be a little less accurate than my ISA portfolio.
  • Postponed from last month: Next month I will be opening up 100 EM Global, a new bucket of investments that will focus on ETFs that invest in global companies that have good and strong growth prospects.
  • Ongoing from last month: Just in the short term, I may slow down some of my investments so that I don’t open up any new investments while I aim to pay off debts at a faster rate (I will continue to invest £100/month into each of the above, however). Doing this will decrease my credit utilisation which should benefit me when I can use my LISA towards a deposit for a house.
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